dean 2.0

Dean moved to Nashville from West Virginia with a dream and a hundred dollars in his pocket. Finding work landscaping during the day, he began playing Layla’s on lower Broadway at night. He fine tuned his live performance playing 4 hour sets of Country, Rockabilly and Rock covers as well as originals and was soon discovered and offered a publishing deal by the late Barbara Orbison, widow of American musician Roy Orbison. 


A year later, Dean began working as a touring guitarist for a number of major label artists. This put the wheels in motion towards a recording contract with Electra/Warner Brothers in 2012. Since then, Dean has opened for acts as diverse as Little Big Town, Dwight Yoakam & John Fogerty  just to name a few. His releases include Billboard TOP 40 hit and XM The Highway #13 hit "Life Ain't Fair" featuring Sheryl Crow.  Dean's song “If Your Heart Can Handle It” was featured on the hit television show NASHVILLE and his song “Dangerous” was on the television series Good Christian Belles. Dean has had numerous songs recorded by other artists including "Black Crow” on Brent Cobb's debut release Shine On Rainy Day.


Currently, as an Independent artist, Dean has blazed a new path co-producing a new rock record called “DEAN 2.0 rebel roots & digital dust” with hit song writer/producer Danny Myrick that will be released in May 2017. 


“This new record is the most honest of my career so far. I went back to the drawing board and started over by creating music that that makes ME feel good. I love to rock and rock and I will.” - Dean